You Can not Play Oculus Hurry Video games on the Oculus Quest 2

A man playing a game on an Oculus Quest 2.

The Oculus Hurry was a straightforward runt VR headset that toed the road of affordability and practicality. “Was once” being mainly essentially the most most well-known phrase on narrative of it’s discontinued. That’s OK although, a quantity of your Hurry video games work on the Oculus Quest, an arguably right VR headset. Sadly, for these who upgraded to an Oculus Quest 2, then you’ll lose your Hurry app and video games.

The information involves us from Oculus’ consulting CTO, John Carmack. Should you dig into the app menus on the distinctive Oculus Quest, there’s a dropdown to grab Oculus Hurry video video games. Nonetheless customers noticed that’s missing on the Quest 2.

Assist was obtain on Quest 2. I totally misplaced the within of debate over backwards compatibility.

— John Carmack (@ID_AA_Carmack) October 15, 2020

As Carmack explains, that’s for the reason that Quest 2 dazzling doesn’t give a obtain to the attribute. He says he “misplaced that inside debate.” It’s not apparent what concerns led to the decision, nevertheless there are variations between the Oculus Hurry and the Quest/Quest 2, together with the sequence of cameras and controllers.

Sadly, which means for these who bought just some Hurry video video games out of your long-established Oculus headset, you’ll should maintain that unit spherical to play them. Should you don’t already belief an long-established Oculus Quest residing, you’ll belief allege discovering it. The company stopped making it after asserting the Quest 2. With that alternate, Oculus Hurry and its apps are successfully and in precise truth pointless.

through The Verge

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