Ranked: The Greatest Federal Pupil Mortgage Servicers This day


Unfortunately, by strategy of federal pupil loan servicers, it’s most likely you’ll maybe’t “possess it your strategy.” The Department of Education chooses your pupil loan servicer for you in case you first discover out your federal pupil loan.

Simply about 90% of all federal pupil loans will likely be assigned to 1 amongst the “Astronomical Four”: FedLoan Servicing, Astronomical Lakes, Navient, or Nelnet. The relaxation will likely be assigned to 1 amongst 5 nonprofit servicers: Cornerstone, Granite Dispute, HESC, MOHELA, or OSLA.

To name one amongst these servicers the “easiest” would be roughly worship attempting to discover the finest stress of the flu to advance aid down with. But here’s how we made up our minds which servicers were the “easiest of the worst.”

Greatest federal pupil loan servicer ranking methodology

To advance aid up with our list, we started by downloading records from all the pupil loan servicer complaints that the Client Monetary Security Bureau (CFPB) got from Can even just 1, 2018 to Can even just 1, 2019.

Subsequent, we took records from the Department of Education’s Federal Pupil Support net procedure to discover the choice of recipients for each servicer.

Within the waste, we divided each servicer’s choice of complaints by their choice of recipients and multiplied the final consequence by 1,000,000 to supply us the choice of federal pupil loan complaints per 1,000,000 loan recipients.

Greatest federal pupil loan servicers — ranked

Beneath, are all nine federal loan servicers ranked from worst to … least-worst.

9. Navient

No surprise here. Navient has persistently been one amongst the most hated federal pupil loan servicers for reasonably some time now.

And the CFPB confirmed that actuality again. With 5.66 million federal loans that they’re currently servicing, they arrange 21% of all federal pupil loans. Internal the final year, the CFPB has fielded 3,717 complaints from Navient prospects.

Factoring in the choice of debtors that the Federal Pupil Support administrative heart says it products and services, that equates to 656 complaints per million prospects. That’s over 2.5 cases more complaints per buyer than the company with the 2d-most complaints (FedLoan).

To establish things into an even better standpoint, Navient accounted for 45% of all pupil loan servicing complaints the CFPB has got over the previous year.

In actual fact, the CFPB, alongside with the Illinois and Washington attorneys odd, sued Navient in January 2017. Amongst assorted things, the lawsuit alleges that Navient quick debtors in direction of a pair of forbearances as an different of enrolling them in earnings-driven repayment plans.

Regardless of how the lawsuit pans out, there’s no question that Navient is rightfully deserving of being needless final on this list.

8. FedLoan Servicing (PHEAA)

FedLoan Servicing supports diversified debtors for the length of repayment, alongside side these which can maybe be beneath the Public Provider Mortgage Forgiveness program (PSLF). Of all the federal loan servicers, FedLoan Servicing currently products and services the ideal share of prominent loans at 27%. That’s miserable for reasonably deal of of us because in case you sight at buyer complaints, FedLoan Servicing and Navient in fact separate themselves from every person else — in a wicked strategy.

Whereas FedLoan fared 2.5 cases better than Navient, the CFPB silent got 251 complaints per million prospects for FedLoan, which used to be over twice as powerful as many complaints as all the assorted servicers on the list.

In all, the CFPB got 1,829 complaints from FedLoan Servicing prospects from Can even just 1, 2018 to Can even just 1, 2019.

Pupil Mortgage Planner has written a giant deal about points debtors possess with FedLoan, alongside side an editorial not too lengthy in the past that addressed complaints from readers who were being wrongly kicked off Profits-Primarily basically based Repayment (IBR).


The Higher Education Mortgage Authority of the Dispute of Missouri (MOHELA) is the necessary nonprofit federal pupil loan servicer to construct it onto our list, narrowly squeaking sooner than Nelnet. Right here’s why.

There tends to be a naturally particular correlation between the choice of loans a company products and services and the choice of complaints it will get. And this isn’t honest the sheer choice of complaints (which can maybe obviously be expected), nonetheless the share of customers who construct complaints as nicely.

In assorted phrases, smaller loan servicers not easiest possess fewer entire complaints nonetheless furthermore are inclined to possess fewer complaints per buyer. That is maybe because servicers who possess fewer prospects are in a discipline to supply these they’ve better buyer carrier and consideration.

Smaller Doesn’t Consistently Mean Higher

Whatever the truth that MOHELA has far fewer prospects than Nelnet, they ended up receiving easiest 10 fewer complaints per million prospects. That’s not honest.

And the numbers may maybe very nicely be even worse. Since the Department of Education doesn’t uncover us exactly what number of recipients each nonprofit servicer has, we had to operate our easiest to estimate.

To operate that, we took the 3 million prospects serviced by nonprofits and divided it by 5 (the final choice of nonprofit servicers) to supply us an estimated buyer unfriendly of 600,000 per nonprofit servicer. But here’s easiest an estimate. If MOHELA in fact has less prospects, then its ratio of customers to complaints may maybe very nicely be even worse.

If MOHELA is your pupil loan servicer, it’s most likely you’ll maybe just are attempting to look at out our breakdown of the ideal headaches MOHELA prospects address.

6. Nelnet

While you happen to were assigned Nelnet as your pupil loan servicer, it’s most likely you’ll maybe sight at it one amongst two techniques:

  • On one hand, it’s most likely you’ll maybe very nicely be bummed that you’ve been assigned one amongst the “Astronomical Four.”
  • On the assorted hand, it’s most likely you’ll maybe very nicely be grateful you weren’t assigned FedLoan or Navient.

Though it has had its discover magnificent portion of complaints, Nelnet prospects are inclined to be powerful happier on all the.

In entire, Nelnet got 120 complaints per million prospects over the previous year. No longer unpleasant for a company that products and services over 19% of all pupil loans.

That’s silent a large choice of complaints, although. While you happen to’re wondering what Nelnet prospects are inclined to feel frustrated about, it’s most likely you’ll maybe just are attempting to learn the most odd complaints about Nelnet.

5. Cornerstone

Subsequent on the list is one other nonprofit federal pupil loan servicer — the Utah Diagram of Higher Education, furthermore called Cornerstone.

Regardless of getting “Utah” in its title, it’s most likely you’ll maybe very nicely be assigned Cornerstone as your carrier no subject which tell you are residing in. Cornerstone ended up with 25 complaints over the previous year.

That sounds magnificent honest. But going with the 600,000 buyer estimate again, that comes out to 42 complaints per million prospects. That’s twice as many complaints as the subsequent two servicers on our list.

4. HESC / EdFinancial Providers and products

The Higher Education Providers and products Corporation (HESC) — furthermore called EdFinancial Providers and products — ended up ending in a needless warmth with Granite Dispute in buyer complaints. Each had 13 complaints filed with the CFPB over the previous year. That’s easiest about 22 complaints per million prospects.

Whereas that sounds magnificent honest, you need to silent urge into points with HESC if you happen to’re assigned to it as your servicer. In Pupil Mortgage Planner’s discover gaze from the summer season of 2018, easiest two respondents had their loans with HESC.

Each responses were detrimental.

One individual acknowledged “no” when requested if HESC receive to the bottom of their discipline, and the assorted acknowledged “a bit of of.”

When requested why they’d a wicked ride with HESC, one individual acknowledged HESC has “uninformed members on the calling discontinuance.” The quite a lot of acknowledged HESC has “no empathy” and is “quick with purchasers.”

Ouch. Another reminder of why this list must be knowing to be “easiest of the worst.”

3. Granite Dispute

As mentioned above, Granite Dispute Administration & Sources, or GSM&R Pupil Mortgage Servicing, ended up tying with HESC in the choice of complaints prospects submitted to the CFPB.

At a rate of 22 complaints per million prospects, that’s almost 30 cases fewer complaints per buyer than Navient.


The Oklahoma Pupil Mortgage Authority (OSLA) is a servicer that has been around for the explanation that 1970s. And so that they appear to clutch what they’re doing — easiest 11 OSLA prospects filed complaints with the CFPB over the previous year.

Again, your probability of getting OSLA as your servicer (or any nonprofit servicer for that subject) is little. But when you happen to’re assigned to OSLA, possess in strategies yourself very lucky.

1. Astronomical Lakes

It’s most likely you’ll maybe not possess expected that one amongst the Astronomical Four to rank as the finest federal pupil loan servicer. But Astronomical Lakes has, for years, been known for the giant strategy it takes care of its prospects.

In terms of CFPB complaints, Astronomical Lakes got 229 over the previous year. That will just not sound giant on the bottom. But possess in strategies that Astronomical Lakes has over 6 million pupil loan debtors it serves.

Taking that into myth, Astronomical Lakes has a complaint rate of about 36 complaints per 1,000,000 prospects. That’s over three cases not up to Nelnet, seven cases not up to FedLoan Servicing and 18 cases not up to Navient!

Even in Pupil Mortgage Planner’s discover gaze, a couple of of our respondents had honest things to explain about Astronomical Lakes.

It used to be a bit of referring to when the news broke that Astronomical Lakes used to be sold out by Nelnet. But for now, it looks worship it’s persevering with to operate independently.

Time will uncover, nonetheless to this point it looks worship Astronomical Lakes hasn’t changed its insurance policies or buyer carrier one bit. Right here’s to hoping things handle that strategy!

What can you operate in case your servicer is among the worst of the worst?

While you happen to’ve been assigned one amongst the most hated federal loan servicers, it’s most likely you’ll maybe very nicely be wondering if you happen to can change to the next company.

Unfortunately, the quick respond is not any. The Department of Education doesn’t let debtors change pupil loan servicers. There are easiest two techniques that it’s most likely you’ll maybe take hang of an acceptable servicer than the one you’ve been assigned.

Notify loan consolidation

The necessary strategy is to consolidate your federal pupil loans via a Notify Mortgage consolidation. On this discipline, the Federal Pupil Support administrative heart will indicate it’s most likely you’ll maybe take hang of who you’d receive to be your subsequent servicer from a list.

Pupil loan refinance

The quite a lot of risk is to refinance your federal pupil loans. With pupil loan refinancing, it’s most likely you’ll maybe take hang of whichever lender you want. You’d hopefully be in a discipline to carve your curiosity rate as nicely.

On the opposite hand, refinancing federal pupil loans is on the final a foul lunge. You’ll lose all federal advantages similar to Profits-Driven Repayment (IDR) plans and the ability to pursue PSLF or assorted forgiveness programs.

To search out out if a pupil loan refinance would be honest on your discipline, possess in strategies having a discussion with one amongst Pupil Mortgage Planner’s consultants.

Refinance pupil loans, receive a bonus in 2021

$500 CASH BACKFor 100k+, 300 bonus

for loans of 50k to 99k.¹

Variable 1.99% – 5.74%
Mounted 2.98% – 5.89%

$750 CASH BACKFor 250k+, tiered 300 to 500 bonus for 50k to 250k.

$1,275 CASH BACKFor 150k+. Tiered 300 to 575 bonus for 50k to 149k.²

Variable 2.39% – 6.01%
Mounted 2.79% – 5.99%

$1,050 CASH BACKFor 100k+. $300 bonus for 50k to 99k.³

$1,250 CASH BACKFor 100k+ or $350 for 5k to 100k.4

Variable 2.25% – 8.24%
Mounted 2.79% – 8.24%

1Earnest disclosure. 2For Elfi, if you happen to refinance over $150,000 via this procedure, $500 of the money bonus listed above is equipped straight away by Pupil Mortgage Planner. Elfi disclosure. 3For Commonbond, if you happen to refinance over $100,000 via this procedure, $500 of the money bonus listed above is equipped straight away by Pupil Mortgage Planner. Commonbond disclosure. 4For Credible, if you happen to refinance over $100,000 via this procedure, $500 of the money bonus listed above is equipped straight away by Pupil Mortgage Planner. Credible disclosure.

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